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LetterMerger 2.6

LetterMerger 2.6: Merge block letter template with query data in  MS Access Word mail merge tool, LetterMerger makes it easy to print and maintain form letters, and envelope addresses from Access without relying on an external word processor. Many applications require a letter printing facility, and you may find it cumbersome to design a letter in an Access report, or to use links to Word mail merge to handle this need. LetterMerger provides an easy-to-use Access form for letter template input and field merge. Print or preview

CrossEyes 5.0.10: Add-in that `REVEALS the CODES in MS WORD.` Save time. Fix document problems.
CrossEyes 5.0.10

WORD. Save time and stop frustration when working with Word documents. Word shows you WHAT you will get when you print your document, CrossEyes shows you WHY. CrossEyes shows one window with the complete formatting and other non-text information of a Word document, as color-coded information tags in-line with the text. To edit simply double-click on any tag. CrossEyes also provides added document navigation capability that complements Word: navigate

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BatBar Save, synchronize and share favorites between computers, friends and family.

favorites are now lost! Of course your could have made a backup or saved your favorites on your old computer/hard disc before you changed to the new one - but most people forget to do it. You don`t miss your favorites until they are gone! If you use BatBar for your favorites - you only have to reinstall the BatBar software and log in and you will not loose any of your favorites each time you get a new computer. Favorites on more than one computer

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Favorites Sweeper 3.00

Promote a clean in your Internet Explorer Favorites, by removing broken and duplicated links. Favorites Sweeper will find and list these bad favorites for you, allowing you to remove its in a fast and easy way.

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Bar Code 93 3.7: Print your own bar code 93 in Windows program on labels or your packaging
Bar Code 93 3.7

print a bar code from any Windows application. This package includes both standard and human readable versions of bar code 93 and each is available in six different aspect ratios, so you can control bar width independent of bar height. Want to print bar codes in Access, Excel, or Word? We include VBA functions that let you do that, too. Plus label templates for Word. You also get our Bar93 utility program, which shows you how to use these fonts,

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RTF Convertor 1.0.0: Quickly and easily export and print your RTF/Word documents with this tool
RTF Convertor 1.0.0

RTF Convertor is a unique and easy to use software to quickly and easily print and export (10+ formats supported) your RTF/Word documents. Convert your RTF/Word documents to PDF, RTF, images and more! With the RTF Convertor, you can : Convert your RTF/Word documents to 10+ formats HTML PDF BMP PNG JPG Lotus SVG QUATTRO Pro Excel Print / Create advanced reports using a state-of-the-art printing engine and much more!

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PDFArea Word to PDF Converter 4.0: convert word document to PDF document
PDFArea Word to PDF Converter 4.0

Word to PDF Converter is standalone software, Adobe Acrobat Reader is NOT required. Word to PDF Converter doesn`t depend on any print driver so it will NOT install any print driver on your computer. It does NOT need Microsoft word to work. You Don`t have to installed Microsoft word on your computer before you run this software. Main Features: Supports Microsoft word 97 to Microsoft word 2007. Convert Word document to PDF document. Convert RTF document

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